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Small Happy Little Dogs With BIG Hearts!




Lazy C Ranch in Henrietta, Texas is home to a small family of Short Legged English Jack Russell Terrier's (JRT's), also known as Puddins or Shorties. We raise the Smooth, Broken and Rough Coat verities.

Our little Jack Russell's have the intelligence, loyalty, love and humor of the Russell Terriers. Most of our JRT'S are from top English bloodlines that include the Original Hi-Hills, Hamilton, Short Stop, Elk Creek and Westerly. We also stand an IKC Irish Kennel Club Champion Imported from Ireland and have several females that have Champion Bloodlines. We focus on temperament as the primary consideration and prefer the shorty jacks with a little more bone and muscling to the long-legged variety of Jack Russell Terriers are referred to as the Parson Russell Terrier's by the AKC. We do not breed the Parson's Terrier.

Our JRT's are breed for conformation, size and most important temperament.......small happy little dogs with BIG Hearts that will serve as companions and nice family pets. Our JRT's are just part of our family. Our goal is to improve the Jack Russell Terrier by producing healthy, playful, charming, intelligent, jolly little dogs that are easily socialized and that will respect and love their owners and owner's friends and family!

If you've never owned a Jack Russell you don't know what you missing.


Choosing Jack Russell Puppy. If you decide to buy a Jack Russell puppy, it helps to know the breed standard. The following are features you should look for when purchasing a Jack Russell Puppy.

Head - The head of a Jack Russell should be broad and flat, well balanced and proportioned to suit the body. The skull should narrow towards the eyes and be reasonable width at the ears. Ears - The ears are small and should be positioned forward close to the head. The resemble a V shape and are relatively thick. The skin inside the ears should be pink and clean. Eyes - The eyes of Jack Russell puppies are almond shaped, dark, and have a look of intelligence and alertness. Nose - Jack Russell's have black noses. Mouth - Jacks have strong muscular jaws and cheeks. They have strong white teeth that form into a perfect scissor bite, with the top teeth slightly extending over the bottom. Keep in mind that Jack Russell puppies have fewer teeth then adults. Puppies have 23 teeth which they will gradually loose as their 42 permanent adult teeth come in. Body - Jack's have straight, strong backs, providing the Jack Russell with a balanced image. Tail - Jack Russell's carry their tails high and proud, tails are usually about 4 inches in length. Legs - The forelegs should be strong and straight in perfect alignment. The hind legs are muscular and strong and have good angulations and slightly bent stifles. When looking at them from behind, their hocks should be straight. Gait - Jack Russell's should easily move and appear lively when they walk. The legs should be well coordinated and the walk should be straight. Coat - The Jack Russell comes in three coat varieties; Smooth, Broken or Ruff. Each provides the dog with a different look and requires different  grooming. For the most part the coat provides Jack's with protection from the elements. Color - White should be the dominant color or the Jack Russell, but the coat will likely also have black, brown or tan markings, particularly in the head region. Skin - The skin of a healthy Jack Russell should be smooth. If the puppy has spotted skin (ticking) do not be alarmed, this is common in many Jack Russell's and is nothing to worry about.



Jack Russell Terriers - What you need to know

Size - Our Jack Russell's stand 8" - 10" high to the shoulders. They weigh about 8 - 15 pounds.

Temperament - Friendly, bold, brave and confident. Jack Russell's are highly intelligent happy little dogs with a big heart.

Life Span - The average life expectancy of Jack Russell is 13 - 15 years or longer.

Health - The Jack Russell is a healthy breed and is not prone to any major hereditary health defects.

Grooming - Jack's come in three different coat textures and lengths - Smooth, Broken and Ruff. All three coats require minimal brushing during shedding season. They don't have a coat that requires constant, tedious grooming. Grooming a Jack Russell isn't difficult, regardless of the type of coat he has. A Jack requires the occasional combing or brushing to tidy up his short, rough coat, particularly during shedding season. If you give him a good comb or brush twice a week, this should suffice. You'll discover he is pretty good at keeping himself clean.

Bathing - You will want to give your Jack Russell a bath once a month to keep him clean.

Exercise - Your Jack Russell Terrier needs to be exercised regularly to allow him the opportunity to release his energy, and to prevent him from becoming overweight, which can lead to health problems.

Diet - Your Jack Russell need to have a well balanced diet. This means putting him on regular food schedule and providing him with recommended amount of food for his weight.

Training - Jack Russell dogs are easy to train because they are fast learners.







NKC Standards for the Jack Russell Terrier

General Appearance:

Exuberant compact, active, small-to-medium lively looking little dog.  The body is slightly longer than tall.  Regardless of the size of the dog, the legs must be long enough to allow the dog to move quickly and with agility in rough terrain.


The skull is somewhat flat and wide with a slight stop and a tapered muzzle. The dark nose is button like. The deep set, almond shaped eyes are dark in color with a perky expression.  Teeth are comparatively large, and evenly spaced.  The small V-shaped ears are set high. Falling forward the tips is almost level with the eyes.

Forequarters:Long and sloping shoulders which are laid back and clearly cut at the withers.  The forelegs are strong, straight, and moderately well boned.


Compact yet strong with a level back. The chest is narrow, the loins lightly arched. The legs although short have rather muscular thighs. The short tail is carried high.


There are three coat types Rough, Broken and Smooth:
Rough Coat is a double coat that consist of a short under coat and a wiry outer coat.  These types of dogs will have hair over their eyes and on the muzzle that will form a beard.  The wiry coat will not be to long that it changes the appearance of the dog.
Broken Coat is a coat that is between the rough coat and the smooth coat, the outer coat is closer than the rough coat but longer than the smooth coat, and this type of coat may or may not have the hair over their eyes and muzzle that forms the beard.
Smooth Coat is a smooth short flat coat.


Predominately white with markings of black and/or tan. The nose and lips are black


Females: up to 11 inches // 10-14 pounds

Males: up to 11 inches // 10-14 pounds

Gait:Effortless, smooth, powerful and well coordinated. 


This high-spirited, feisty, and spunky, yet loyal dog makes for a great guard dog as it tends to be highly excitable. As this breed seems to have an inexhaustible amount of energy, it benefits greatly for vigorous exercise.  Aggression towards anything other than legitimate quarry detracts from the dog's ability as a working terrier and should be discouraged as much as possible.













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